Data Protection

One of the expert in providing file level / block level backup…

Storage Management

The Zest team has very good experience in working with storage arrays …

Cloud Computing

Provide assistance in migrating to cloud for computing…

Software Testing

Specialized Software Testing using cloud ….

Welcome to Zest Infotech

Zest Infotech is a technology start-up operating primarily in manual and automated testing of products from data protection, cloud computing, storage and mobile.
Zest means enthusiasm, eagerness, energy and interest: Try to link it with the best. You can do your best, only if you show interest in something and do it with energy and enthusiasm. With similar philosophy we put our best efforts in every task that we take.
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Programming with Google App Engine

Amazon aims to provide scalability, high availability and low latency at commodity costs through Amazon S3. S3 stores arbitrary objects at up to 5GB in size, and each is accompanied by up to 2KB of metadata. Objects are organized by buckets. Each bucket is owned by an AWS account and the buckets are identified by a unique, user-assigned key. Buckets and objects are created, listed, and retrieved using either a REST-style or SOAP interface
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